Trump and many of his ardent followers continue to defy democratic principles

Posted 8 December 2020 at 3:23 pm


Please consider this brief summary of the basic principles of fascist Nazism which ascended in Germany preceding WWII and very sadly appears to bear a contemporary relevance in the United States today.


Blind obedience to The Party based upon the fear of reprisal and abandonment by the leader and his servile minions.

Propagation of nativist xenophobia which is embraced by the emerging generation who are vulnerable, naïve and under-educated.

Reliance on both the threat and reality of a “folk” militia which lacks moral, ethical or constitutional authority.

Identified as enemies of the state, racial and ethnic minorities are to suffer the most severe atrocities as the “undesirables” of society. They are to be victimized as scapegoats for all national failures.

In order to vilify these groups, construct walls which are social, physical and psychological; isolate, consolidate and dehumanize.

Abusively disparage easily identifiable ethnic and racial groups as “nichtmitglieder”.

Popularize racism as a unifying force for the formation of a new aristocracy based upon illusory superiority.

Reject democratic ideals and flagrantly violate constitutional mandates and reject all political, historic and cultural norms.

Promotion of jingoism as means of amassing political supporters based upon an induced paranoia and a fictionalized reality.

Abrogation of international alliances which is intentionally designed to intimidate, isolate and fracture international enemies and allies.

Violate and discredit previously authorized international agreements and disregard long held historic and diplomatic precedents and practices.

Suppression and repudiation of contrary views to the extent that credible news sources are labeled as felonious and treasonous. Free speech is the enemy of the State.

Use of large public rallies that are dominated by falsehoods which are consistently repeated without validation or authentication.

Consistent use of stereotypical phrases which are easily popularized via the State controlled media and a contrived narrative of falsehoods. Simplify, lie and repeat.

Continuously criticize all opponents, never ever acknowledge failure.

GENERALPLAN OST – Der Masterplan of Himmler, Goring, Goebbels, and Hitler (January 30, 1933 – May 8,1945)

TOTALE AUTOKRATISCHE KONTROLLE, Der Masterplan of Trump June 16, 2015 – present.

Doug Miller