Trump and his supporters eschew facts in initiatives that tear down the country’s ideals

Posted 1 August 2018 at 9:11 am


Setting the record straight: Mr. Paul Lauricella thinks that those who favor compassion and humanity over cruelty to children are “extremists,” hell-bent on destroying American society. Mr. Lauricella, there are thousands of refugee children languishing in cages as Mr. Trump golfs. I guess somehow that’s supposed to make our country great? To say, as you have, that those that seek to enter the U.S. are criminals couldn’t be more wrong. Most are law-abiding people as evidenced by FBI statistics.

Mr. Lauricella, you forget it was your hero Ronald Regan who gave corporations and the rich huge tax cuts, beginning the demise of the Middle Class. And now one pay check won’t feed most families. We Democrats make no apologies for advocating equal opportunity and equal pay for women in the workplace. Republicans in Congress have voted against legislation requiring equal pay for women every single time. Every single time. How immoral is that?

Mr. Lauricella, like many two-dimensional thinkers, you go on to confuse “pro-choice” with “pro-abortion.” No one favors abortion. However, this difficult decision must be made between a woman and her doctor. Mr. Trump was pro-choice until he needed to pander to the evangelical community.

Liar-In-Chief Mr. Trump and followers like you, Mr. Lauricella, call careful, legitimate, factual news reporting “fake” and reporters the “enemy of the people.” How convenient when you don’t like the truth coming out than to blame the messenger? Tyrants have done it for years.

There will be more I will be saying later but I’ll end this letter with a quote from Conservative columnist George Will: “The 2018 midterm elections this November won’t be about Democrats vs. Republicans. They will be about moral, decent human beings vs. Trump Supporters.” Mr. Collins, stop hiding.

Al Capurso