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By Kim Pritt, Contributor Posted 9 April 2022 at 3:00 pm

It is always nice to sit back, relax, and leave the driving to someone else.

Let’s go on an adventure together….to Lancaster, PA!

Early morning on Monday, March 28th, I got on a bus with a friend to join the Busy Buddies and Eastern Star groups for a two day trip to Lancaster, PA to attend the production of “David” at the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster. We returned late Tuesday evening – the 29th. It was a really nice trip. This was my third time attending a performance at Sight and Sound via group bus tours. It would have been my fourth trip, but plans to see “Queen Esther” was canceled due to COVID.

I used to think I wouldn’t enjoy being on a bus so long – especially a full bus, like this trip was. But, I’ve been on several, now – some day trips, a few overnighters, and even an 8-day trip….and, I’m planning a 7-day bus trip a bit later this year. I’ve come to enjoy them and they are a lot more comfortable than you’d think. It’s a great way to go adventuring without the stress of driving or the expense of flying. It most always also means it is a group trip, so comes with group rates. I don’t hesitate traveling by bus – especially when going with friends. 

The current location of the Sight and Sound in Lancaster is a 2000 seat family-owned theater that opened in 1998 and brings the bible to life through amazing and emotional productions. While it does seat 2000 people, the way it is set up makes it feel surprisingly small and intimate and there truly are no “bad” seats. The productions are a mix of live performance, animatronics, special effects, and lighting that surrounds the audience. The main part of the production is on the stage to the front of the theater. The actors also enter from the wings and up the aisles from the back of the theater, and there are projected images and some live actors on the side walls, as well. The audience truly feels like they are a part of the performance – part of the crowds – part of the action. AND — they use live animals that appear both on stage and in the aisles — if someone is doing something that requires them to ride in on a horse – they ride in on a horse. Shepherds tend REAL sheep. Flocks of doves fly overhead. It is truly amazing!!! The announcer provided some instructions before the show started – he said that there will be live animals and actors in the aisles, so cautioned the audience to stay seated and said “we don’t want you to be swept away by a flock of sheep”……my thought was “why not – I think I’d enjoy that”!!! hahahaha

Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA brings the bible to life with wonderful productions of popular characters and their stories.

On this trip, the show we saw was “David” and it was incredible. I loved how they took the Psalms that David wrote and put them to original music to give an emotional spin to their messages. I must admit, I didn’t think I knew much about David, so the show reminded me of parts I didn’t realize I knew and taught me so much more. David was a master poet and musician – he wrote the Psalms. He was a fearless warrior – he slayed Goliath and lead armies into battle to take back the holy land. He was anointed King and favored by God. He also had a dark side and did some things that he, himself, was not proud of and struggled to seek forgiveness for his sins. From the brochure: “Today, as you prepare to see giants fall and the Psalms come to life, it is our hope that one message resounds from the stage: throughout our victories and defeats, God is with us, always.”

These group trips include the bus, hotel, the show, meals, and usually extra stops for shopping or sight-seeing, depending on the itinerary. This trip was no different. Check out the blog link below for all the details of what we did on this trip and some highlights from my other two trips. The other shows I’ve seen at Sight and Sound were “Moses” and “Jesus” – both were spectacular and had specific scenes that took my breath away and overwhelmed me with emotion. I can’t wait to see another show there. There is also a Sight and Sound location in Branson, MO – maybe I’ll catch one of their productions out there – Branson is on my bucket list. And…they typically do a different show at both locations, so you could do two shows each year, if you really wanted to….hhhmmm….just thought of that and will keep it in mind! hahaha

I highly recommend taking the time to see one of the shows at Sight and Sound – either by getting in on a group tour or going on your own. It’s not that far, really, and makes for a great overnighter or even a couple night stay to do other things in the area while you’re there. I definitely am looking forward to going again next year. 

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Happy Adventuring!