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By Kim Pritt, Contributor Posted 10 October 2020 at 3:00 pm

Let’s go on an adventure together….to Lake Placid, NY!

A beautiful foggy morning view of Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, NY

It’s no secret that I love to go on adventures and this year has been frustrating for those of us who like to get out and enjoy life and all it has to offer. Everything I had booked or was considering doing this year was canceled. I’ve been really itching to get away for a while and more so lately. But, personally, I’m still not comfortable considering getting on a plane, train, bus, or other mass transit option to go out of state…yet. But, that doesn’t mean I am content with being grounded from adventuring.

So…..I took my own advice and I planned a nice little get-away to the Adirondack Mountains with hopes of catching the leaves turning at just the right time. It was just what I needed – a perfect week away from it all to one of the most beautiful places in New York with all the peace, serenity, and total relaxation I could take. I chose Lake Placid as my destination and I was so happy I did! And, the fall colors? Yeah, they didn’t disappoint! By the end of the week I was there, they were claiming the leaves to be at or near peak colors.

To get there, I mainly took routes 104 and 3, with a few little twists and turns along the way through sweet little towns and gorgeous country sides. 289 miles and roughly six and a half hours later, I was in Lake Placid. I drove up on Monday, September 21st, spent three full days there, and drove home on Friday, September 25th. I stayed at the Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa in downtown Lake Placid overlooking Mirror Lake. My room was awesome and had stunning views of the lake and mountains from my terrace. I would not have been one bit disappointed if I never left the room the entire week. But, of course, I did leave the room to do some exploring.

Some of what I put on my list of things to check out were either still closed or not fully operational, so I didn’t do everything I considered doing. But, that was OK – the main intent of this trip was to get away and relax. I did a lot of driving around looking at the scenery and spent time along Main Street in Lake Placid at the shops and restaurants. I have never spent time specifically in Lake Placid, before, so it was all new to me.

My Mom used to take us to the Adirondacks on vacations when we were kids. We’d go to all those wonderful attractions that used to be there, but, sadly, are now long gone – Land of Make Believe, Frontier Town, Santa’s Workshop, 1000 Animals, and others. I discovered that Santa’s Workshop is still there, so I did take time to go there for “old time’s sake”. The workshop and park were not open due to COVID, but I got to see it, take some photos, and go in the gift shop. It was a bit of nostalgia that warmed my heart.

The main street through downtown Lake Placid, NY is loaded with charm and opportunities to shop and dine.

I’m not a hiker, so didn’t get out in the woods, much. But I did go on a lovely boat cruise on Lake Placid that made for a wonderful afternoon of fresh air on the water. I also took the Essex Ferry across Lake Champlain to Vermont for a day. I didn’t have anything specific in mind to do in Vermont, except I did want to find the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury.

I mostly drove around checking out Burlington and Shelbourne. Shelbourne was a quaint town that had scarecrows all over town dressed like women and men all spiffed up for Sunday church complete with gloves, hats, and jewelry – I took a lot of time driving around looking at them all. I made two specific stops in Vermont – the Vermont Teddy Bear Company in Shelbourne and to have a dish of Cherry Garcia ice cream at the Ben & Jerry’s factory (they weren’t doing tours, so I’ll have to make another trip once the restrictions are lifted to do that). Then, I headed back across Lake Champlain on the ferry to get back to Lake Placid by dinner time.

Imagine yourself relaxing in a pair of Adirondack chairs overlooking beautiful Mirror Lake.

My trip wasn’t meant to be a “go, go, go” week, so I spent it doing laid back, relaxing things – a lot of enjoying the lake and fall colors and reading while enjoying the lake and fall colors – hahaha – and I capped the week off with a relaxing massage in the spa at my hotel the night before I left to come home.

But, there are a TON of great things to see and do in the area of Lake Placid and throughout the Adirondack Mountains. Whatever you want to do, you can find it there – camping, hiking, zip lining, climbing, adventuring, exploring, or just simply relaxing. It’s all there for you to discover. So, consider a trip to our beautiful Adirondack Mountains, if you’re looking for an in-state get-away.
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Happy Adventuring!