Transmission infrastructure not in place for big turbine projects in NY

Posted 16 September 2016 at 9:08 am


You are reading it here first, the Apex Lighthouse Wind Project should and likely will be denied.

Facts regarding existing dismal MWH wind output, unreliability, need for reliable backup, the outrageous cost to construct a 200 MW project then collect and motivate the electrons to move easterly 400 miles will become so overwhelming that even in NYS common sense and indisputable facts will eventually prevail.

With NY total wind nameplate of approximately 1,750 MW available, why does wind contribute so little now? Adding more wind MW won’t improve the results. The 1,750 MW in NY is scattered all over the state. This fact makes it difficult to feed into the grid on a consistent basis.

A properly located 1,750MW power generating facility with a dependable fuel source positioned on a few acres would feed directly into the grid.

I believe a contributing factor to the downfall of the Apex wind project will be no suitable transmission path to NYC. Table shows anemic wind MW output obtained from NYISO.

Available           Actual Output                 Date /  Time

1750MW               26MW                 01/22/2016     10:30AM

1750MW           1141MW                 01/26/2016       7:00AM

1750MW             464MW                 03/27/2016       6:35AM

1750MW             117MW                 04/18/2016       6:17AM

1750MW             401MW                 05/31/2016       6:20AM

1750MW             855MW                 06/20/2016        2:15PM

1750MW               68MW                  08/11/2016       4:30PM      Possible NY Peak Load Day

1750MW             616MW                  08/12/2016       4:58PM      Possible NY Peak Load Day

1750MW               36MW                  08/27/2016       6:24AM

1750MW             118MW                  09/01/2016      12:20PM

1750MW                 9MW                  09/02/2016      11:20AM

1750MW                 0MW                  09/04/2016       4:55PM      Actual Zero MW

Adding more wind MW scattered around NYS without new and upgraded low and high voltage transmission lines will exacerbate transmission constraints and accelerate the demise of big wind.


Gregory G. Woodrich