Towns of Albion and Gaines will share code enforcement officer

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 14 July 2015 at 12:00 am

ALBION – The towns of Albion and Gaines have struck a deal to share the same code enforcement officer. Dan Strong, the current Albion codes officer, will remain a full-time Albion employee, working 30 hours a week for Albion.

In addition to that, he will work 10 hours for Gaines, with Gaines contributing to his pay in Albion. Both Town Boards have approved the arrangement in a six-month pilot, effective July 1. The Albion Town Board gave the final OK on Monday.

Gaines will contribute $9,400 to Strong’s salary and benefits for last six months of 2015.

Carol Culhane, the Gaines town supervisor, said the arrangement works well for both towns. Gaines has been looking to fill the position since last year. Strong has been working for Gaines on a temporary basis while the town sought a longer-term solution.

“The code enforcement officer takes a great deal of training,” Culhane said. “We had trouble finding someone who was qualified that you don’t have to put mega dollars into training.”

Strong is already trained and knows the community well.

Albion benefits with some added revenue to help pay for the code enforcement officer’s salary and benefits.

Matt Passarell, the Albion town supervisor, said he is looking to cooperate with local governments to maintain services and reduce costs for taxpayers.

“The old ways of doing things you don’t just keeping doing,” he said.