Town supervisors in central Orleans say they are working on ambulance coverage and funding

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 25 September 2022 at 4:58 pm

Editor’s Note: The following statement was sent by the town supervisors in Albion, Barre, Gaines and Carlton. They are in central Orleans which is the service area for COVA Ambulance. The supervisors include Richard Remley of Albion, Sean Pogue of Barre, Tyler Allport of Gaines and Gayle Ashbery of Carlton.

“The towns of Carlton, Gaines, Albion and Barre, in conjunction with the county-wide EMS Task Force, have been working on ways to find solutions to our ambulance coverage and funding issues.

“While no definite conclusion has been reached, we are exploring many viable solutions for our respective towns. We fully realize the importance of 24/7 emergency coverage and we are striving to ensure that remains the standard in our communities.

“Please be assured that there are mutual aid plans in place at the county and state levels to ensure that none of the towns will go without ambulance service.

“It is also important to note that there are no easy, free solutions to these problems. We are, however, striving to find the most cost-effective way forward while providing the widest possible range of services.”

COVA asks community to sign petition for taxing district

Editor’s Note: Jennfer Stilwell. President of the COVA board of directors, sent a letter to the editor to the Orleans Hub today, urging community support for a taxing district in the fur towns that she said would cost an average of $43 annually per year.

COVA has stopped overnight staffing as it faces a fiscal crisis and needs $150,000 to stave off closing before Jan. 1.

“In a last-ditch effort our community has come to us with petitions for our towns to get us a tax district. The outpouring from local residents has kept us going and we are grateful for this last effort you have asked for,” Stilwell wrote.

The petitions are at the Olde Dogge Inn in Gaines, at Toyz n Kandy in Albion, the COVA base in Albion, Gilligan’s Galley in Carlton. Or call COVA at 585-589-4163 for information on how to get access to a petition.

“We have one week to get as many signatures as possible,” Stilwell wrote. “We also encourage everyone who is concerned to go to your town meetings in October and voice your concern and support to get us a tax district. This would raise your taxes approximately $43 per year or less per household. That is not per person! That is per taxed household! A very small price to pay for the security of your community-based ambulance.”