Town Supervisor says Murray’s hard-working employees, officials run an efficient town government

Posted 12 September 2018 at 8:36 am


There is a person who wishes to take credit for everything positive that happens in the Town of Murray. He claims to work for “You,” but how can this be, when everything is “I did this, and I did that?”

Steps initiated by outgoing Supervisor John Morriss, continued by myself, and the hard working staff here at the Town Hall, have indeed had a positive effect on the residents of Murray!

Our Town taxes did in fact stay flat this year. That means things are being run as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the services our community has grown to know and expect. An independent board of Murray citizens looked at the previous year’s budget and agreed!

New equipment in the Water Department (a process initiated long ago) has made finding difficult leaks much easier! Much of the credit for that goes to Ed Morgan. Those who truly know Ed Morgan, know that he hates unmetered water, and the expense that adds to the system, and eventually, the customers. All water leaks are “mysterious” until the culprit is located. Ed’s proactive measures have made these leaks less difficult to find! In fact, many Water Superintendents from throughout the State seek out Ed’s advice on how to better run their own systems.

Our bulk water rates, as well as the rates we charge for water sent to other agencies, was adjusted, and is always subject to adjustment, to better reflect the reality of the rates we ourselves must pay. Measures are taken to insure the safety of our water supply, and when a new situation arises, it is dealt with in a rapid fashion.

A health care stipend, which was contractually guaranteed, was voluntarily declined to assist in the retention of other vital staffing needs. This selfless attitude is what I have come to know from all the personnel at the Town Offices. This was not due to any efforts of anyone else, but Ed Morgan’s sense of self-sacrifice for the good of the Town of Murray!

What a phenomenal sense of self-aggrandizement or narcissism for someone else to take the credit for the work and sacrifice of others.

Finally, yes, your elected officials are accountable! As this individual’s letter dated July 19, 2018 attests, we are nothing if not responsive, and actually quite proactive! I strive every day to anticipate issues before they become problems, then we work as a team to make sure the issues are addressed in a timely manner.

The make-up of the Murray Town Board has changed significantly in the course of the past two years. Considering the untimely passing of our friend and Councilman Ed Bower, only two of the four Board members remain from not more than a year and a half ago.

Neil Valentine is the most moral, ethical, and unselfish individual I know, and deserves your support for Town Council. He need not worry about anyone slinging mud at him. His opponent cannot say the same, and it apparently worries him. Yes, Neil Valentine is my friend, and yes, I am extremely proud to be considered his friend in return!

As your Town Supervisor, I can confidently say we are always trying to improve our Town! It is always nice when people notice, but a bit unsettling when they take credit for the efforts of others!


Robert G. Miller

Supervisor, Town of Murray

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