Too many use illogic, politics to not take vaccine

Posted 23 September 2021 at 9:37 am


It’s crunch time. Politics and crazy proposals or science.

Alaska has joined Idaho and countless hospitals in low vaccinated states and declared statewide “crisis status.” Patients are being allowed to die without intervention!

People are: “More likely to die” no treatment; “Less likely to die” treatment; “Good enough” to go away and hope they do not die from lack of treatment.”

A year ago both the Finns and Israelis concurred that without a mask 21 feet was the safe radius. On April 27, 2021 Tucker Carlson encouraged viewers to confront mask wearers. Unlike most evening commentators, Carlson has a college degree but became a journalist after he was rejected by the CIA. He compares Covid to the flu. I note that as some here keep paraphrasing him.

But as of July 29th Johns Hopkins estimates that when dealing with the variants that respond to monoclonal antibodies – and I respect to people in the UD that have access to them – that the death rate is 10 times that of flu. (Several resistant variants “of concern” have been identified and the final number will takes years as the raging pandemic becomes an epidemic.)

Logically, since most deaths are now among unvaccinated Republicans (who increasing are coming to believe in the “big lie” about the insurrection and a danger to the Rule of Law) it’s interesting that Democrats seem disproportionately concerned about getting people vaccinated.

Legally requiring polio vaccine when there were lower standards was OK. Is Republican versus Democrat now worth betting one’s life to prove a point? (What point?)

As an employer I would never hire or keep anyone who could not solve this problem.  As an employer and human being, I also want all to not only live but also get needed hospital care. Therefore, I sometimes wonder if some of these radio and TV personalities are actually captives of their listeners. Do they have to say what their listeners want to hear to keep their market share?

In fact, sticking with denial when hospitals are crumbling is not rational. It not even sane. All kids learn to reevaluate who is telling lies and who is actually being straight and their friends when they catch some  making up stories out of thin air.

Now, today,  the truth is Covid is a global problem and only Peru is doing worse per capita. Most countries figure they need 80% vaccinated. Not us.

Jimmy Kimmel has an easy solution – a crazy political solution – to clear out beds and solve the current crisis. It’s “no vaccination, no hospital admission.” The time is coming that uncaring hard-nosed solutions like that may be the rational.

Till then who lives and dies is a medical judgement. I hope we can keep it that way. Better yet I hope adults remember the lessons they learned about as children.

Conrad F Cropsey