Too many spew misinformation to confuse people from reaching consensus

Posted 28 March 2021 at 7:19 pm


A recent letter writer to the Hub made several assertions. I would like to respond to a couple of them. The writer stated: “She’ [a previous writer]’ then bashes those of us that believe in order to have a country, you must have a defined border.”

No one disputes that you have to have defined borders to have a country and no one is arguing for an open border; no one, period. That argument is a gross exaggeration of what is being stated and prevents people from listening to what is actually being said.

Everyone wants secure borders. The question is how to secure the border while allowing migrant farm workers the ability to move across the border. Without migrant farm workers we would not have food or milk on the grocery shelves. The New York Farm Bureau issued the following press release: “New York Farm Bureau is pleased to see President Biden’s immigration plan, the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021.” It seems to me that while Democrats are working to solve problems, Republicans like Congressman Chris Jacobs spew slogans and mis-information to confuse and obfuscate.

The second assertion the writer made that I want to address is: “I am NOT bashing public assistance recipients when I say that most people living ‘in poverty’ in the U.S. have flat screens, cars, and smartphones. They have a roof, warmth, and food unless they choose to live on the streets. Those are facts. Unfortunately today, people put more emphasis on feelings than facts.”

I couldn’t find any evidence to substantiate these claims. I did find evidence to refute them. Studies by economists Abhijit Banerjee et. al. (2015); by Levy, S. (2006); by Gentler, P. al. (2012); and many other studies refute his claims.

Locally the Orleans Hub reported (3/14/21) that the Community Kitchen in Albion was now serving about 380 meals a week up from 150 meals per week before the pandemic. Food insecurity is real and it is real in Orleans County.

It sounds to me that the writer is relying on anecdotal evidence and his feelings for his facts. When will Republicans, like Mr. Jacobs, start using actual facts not anecdotal evidence, their feelings and slogans to help solve problems?

William Fine