Too many embrace falsehoods and hate, which could doom the country

Posted 31 October 2021 at 10:16 am


Countries which can not get their facts straight fail.

As I run into old, died in the wool, Republican friends, I constantly hear concerns over the litmus tests now required to be considered a bona fide Republican. Vaccination is just a start.

There are the claims the 1/6/21 siege of the Capital was a block party. This makes light of 5 deaths and people coordinating in advance what weapons to bring and who to kill.

Opposition to painless jabs ignores a history of vaccination and good health which contributed to our economic achievements.

The money counters among fiscally conservative Republicans choke on the last administration giving out a trillion dollars in tax cuts rather than invest a trillion dollars in infrastructure to create jobs. (If you recall both were on the table to choose between.)

Recently I was shocked when someone did not want to see the complete tape of one in the claims that resulted in Giuliani having his law license suspended. He went around the country showing how boxes with votes were pulled out from under tables the next day for counting. He edited out the night before when the counters carefully packed these same bankers boxes with uncounted votes, locked the boxes and guards were posted overnight to watch the votes for safety.

Similarly other lawyers are losing their licenses for claiming what was said during conversations the witnesses did not hear – they “assumed” what was said. Lawyers know this is not evidence; truth was not the objective; marketing lies was.

Dozens, hundreds, of these claims have been dissected by the courts but today’s new true Republicans do not care. I have sent links with hundreds of pages of descriptions, quotations, and evidence to Republicans who pass the Litmus test. They pass on reading what court hearing disclose because truth is an inconvenience. It’s about power, not democracy. (One response was simply “whatever” I do not care.)

Facebook rates hate and distrust at a 5. It assigns a 1 to the truth. 5s get posted more often and what Facebook, Fox (with industry standards setting Covid protocols), YouTube and others report must be accepted as true and accurate to be part stay in the club. (Yes YouTube blogs are now a news source.)

This situation with lack of intellectual inquiry, litmus tests, and acceptance/condonation of prospects of violence is very worrisome. If you note the new voter laws being passed by many states are all directed at large black districts. Claiming that post offices and drop boxes do not work safely in black districts but do in white districts is simple racism.

If you note that these new laws let individuals or legislatures set aside carefully counted votes – without any court review for malfeasance – there is only one conclusion. Power.

A fair, free, and intelligent solutions to include all of us immigrants who prosper is besides the point. (I say “immigrant” despite tracing back to the Mayflower and Speedwell)

The answer is we are in the midst of a power grab by a dangerous minority. 30% opposed the Revolution. About 30% now oppose democracy. We have to watch out for a tyranny of a minority.

It’s that minority that is so single minded they don’t care CRT is graduate level work, not taught in high schools that properly teach the 3/5 provision in the Constitution, the Civil War, and Selma – not 300 level college courses on theory. (Lies that it is taught is high school get a Facebook 5.)

Facts based on hate, distrust, and intentional lies is a sure path to ruin.

(Special thanks to long time, died in the wool, Republican friend, Sharon, who help me realize there was something that must be said directly to the old guard about putting facts and traditional principles first.)

Conrad F. Cropsey