To promote local apple industry, World’s Largest Pie featured in 1929

Posted 23 September 2014 at 12:00 am

By Bill Lattin
Orleans County Historian

In 1929 these men stood in the world’s largest pie tin at the Orleans County Fair in Albion. The World’s Largest Pie (apple) was conceived by Charles Howard in order to promote the apple industry and visitation to the fair.

Pictured, from left, include: Howard Olds, superintendent of the Agriculture Society; Myron Babbitt, treasurer of the Agriculture Society; William McKenna, village trustee; the baker of the pie (not named); J.W. Cramer, village trustee; Daniel Hanley, Albion mayor; L.S. Higley, Orleans County sheriff; Fred Wolf; Eugene Mahoney, village clerk; and Warner Thompson, village treasurer.

The pie tin appears on rails where it was to be used in baking.