Threat against school on Facebook account deemed not credible by Albion Police, FBI

Posted 5 May 2019 at 8:32 pm

Local account was taken over by person in Croatia

Press Release Albion Police Chief Roland Nenni

ALBION – The Albion Police Department with assistance from the Federal Bureau of the Investigation today investigated a Facebook post that threatened violence to an unspecified school. The investigation revealed that an Albion Central School student’s Facebook account had been taken over by an unknown person outside the country in Croatia and that unknown person made the post on the hijacked account.

The FBI believes that the account was taken over by the use of a malware attack on a phone. Similar incidents have occurred throughout the United States.

While we have determined that the posts that were made are not a credible threat the Albion Police will have an increased presence at the Albion School.

The Albion Police Department School Resource Officer worked closely with the Albion school district during the investigation.

The Albion Police would like to remind all residents to monitor their social media accounts regularly and change passwords frequently. Account information should be checked to make sure that the owner’s information is correct and has not been changed. Once an account is taken over it is very difficult to regain ownership.

The Albion Police Department is working with Facebook and the owner of the account to have it taken down.

If any suspicious activity is observed online or in person, we ask that it be immediately reported to 911.

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