Those who support 2nd Amendment should work together to preserve right

Posted 22 August 2021 at 12:05 pm


Who needs a gun? Well the short answer is, all of us, but who needs them the most? Marginalized communities, including women, POC, the LGBT community, sex workers, and all who are most affected by violent crimes are often ignored and overlooked by 2ndAmendment supporting communities and clubs while participating in outreach. These communities not only need firearms, but they also need professional firearm training.

Orleans County has some of the most wonderful 2A communities, and it’s a bit disappointing that they don’t often reach out to the communities that need firearms the most. We absolutely cannot afford to overlook them, their lives are in danger everyday, just like ours may be without firearms.

Let’s work together, all consenting adults deserve the right to protect their life and liberties. The goal is to arm as many Americans as we can, right? Government tyranny isn’t going anywhere. Violent crimes aren’t going anywhere, but they can be reduced with simple firearm education and firearm ownership.

Chase Tkach


Orleans County Libertarian Party Chair