Those refusing vaccination ignore math showing danger of virus

Posted 19 December 2021 at 8:25 am


Countries are locking down over Omnicron. They are excluding people from any close contact public activity without vaccine passports. Like in our Constitution securing public health is an over-riding mandate. Public health trumps personal liberty and sometimes religion.

The difference here is no one who is arguing against vaccination is doing the math.

Delta Covid kills 20 times what the flu kills of the  unvaccinated but virtually no one who is vaccinated. It seems we are not concerned about Omnicron as it kills the unvaccinated about half, 0.5, and of the vaccinated about nil but many do need the hospital.

The key is we know already Omnicron spreads 3 to 4 times faster!

4 x 0.5 x 20 = twice number of unvaccinated dead compared to flu. 4 times x the number of vaccinated needing hospitalization = 4 times as many beds for vaccinated.

I do not have the bed space requirements for flu but it is a so what? Just Omnicron doubles the number unvaccinated dead due to increased transmission rates.  Add it up and it requires 8 times the bed space all on its own.

That is why surgeries are being cancelled and medical ethicists are debating who should get the beds or how to decide who should be allowed to die due to lack of hospital capacity.

The difference between many of our politicians and anti-vaxers is they forget that this is not a freedom issue but one that simply depends on the math of public health and its resources.

Play with the estimates all you want. Not getting vaccinated is going to kill you or at the least result in several others dying because of your choice.

Eighth grade math is not part of some deep state conspiracy. Get as weirded out as you can delude yourself about  government and hospitals and pseudo science. But in the end, casket production is simple supply and demand.


Conrad F. Cropsey