There are many medical reasons for abortions

Posted 12 May 2022 at 4:44 pm


Conservatives frame the debate about abortion as that of killing a baby. Of course they do because the debate is much more nuanced.

Abortions happen because placenta abruption happens, abortions happen because of extrauterine pregnancy happens, abortions happen because incomplete miscarriages happen, and abortions happen because of a host of other complications during pregnancy happens. Abortions are a medical procedure and until medicine can guarantee that none of these circumstances happen (and it is a long way from that guarantee) the need for abortions will continue.

I am not addressing the social-economic issues around abortions, I am just outlining some the medical reasons for abortion. I suppose it would be possible to write a law with exclusions for all these medical conditions but it would be filled with a lot of exceptions, to the point of making the law useless.

But if you could write such a law it would require women to have to report to the government private intimate details of their pregnancy.

Ending Roe v. Wade means ending women’s privacy and perhaps their life. Ending Roe v. Wade means ending their participation as full citizens of the United States. Ending Roe v. Wade means nothing less.

William Fine