The Blight before Christmas

Posted 23 December 2020 at 10:09 am


‘Twas the blight before Christmas, and the Dems held the House

The Republican morale was as low as a mouse

Stocked in delusion, the GOP hadn’t cared,

In belief that Trump, would always be there

The sycophants were nestled, all smug in their seats

With visions of a candidate, who couldn’t be beat

But something happened, the news did shout

Twitter Bird had lost, he’d been voted out.

Name calling and lies, just didn’t work

Gone were the smiles and so were the smirks

Their backbones once solid, now were like jelly

There was a frightening feeling, deep in their belly

The whole country was suffering, everyone was sick

From the virus and politics, take your pick,

Ma in her kerchief and I in my mask,

‘End the pandemic,’ is all that we asked.

When on the TV, there rose such a clatter,

I turned up the volume to see what was the matter.

“Off with their heads, it’s bogus, unfair”

This, from a guy, with fake tans and fake hair.

Red hats all gathered, as the process stood frozen

Shouting and screaming “The election was stolen”

And ignoring the facts, they bowed to their king,

Looking to him, what would he bring?

Don Junior was unhappy, ”This couldn’t be!”

As Senior insisted “It’s all about me”

“I’ll threaten, I’ll bully and I’ll sue everyone”

“Forget the Constitution, Democracy is done”

“One for all” – made his blood boil red

‘Cuz “All for one” was the game he led.

“Give me more time, the wall is in sight”

Unfortunately he built it between the left and the right.

No matter how crazy the advice he’d spout

His followers loved it, and sought him out

He wanted yes-men, others he’d fire

The women he abused, he called them all liars.

Separating children, from their mom and their dads,

Loyalists cared not, “it’s not that bad”

Like hypnotized subjects, they were blind to his ways,

No room for outsiders, like Muslims and gays

And if you weren’t white, he’d feign to befriend

But then George Floyd, we know how it ends

“There is” he said, good “on both sides”

Then he’d head to the bunker, sit there and hide.

The moon on the crest of the White House garden

Signaled abuse as he passed out pardons

“Run free Mike Flynn, and you, Roger Stone

There is no penalty for protecting my throne”

And just in case, any other problem arose,

He schemed to bypass, those who opposed

By letting his friends, and kids off the hook,

Behind the scenes, he knew they were all crooks

“Go free my children, my enablers and all”

Their names he shouted, as he issued his call,

“You’re safe Ivanka, Eric and Junior,

I beat the system, and also Bob Mueller,”

And then Hunter Biden, an imagined problem,

He vowed to find out and get to the bottom

While the virus did rage and our nation was hacked

He spent his time, tweeting non-facts

More people were sick, and so many dying

His priorities askew, common-sense defying

He ignored Covid meetings, went golfing instead

“To heck with my duties, to heck with the dead”

Grabbing his golf bag, as the nation fell apart,

Totally unconcerned as he sat in his cart,

Put quite briefly, put quite bluntly,

He loved his country clubs, more than his country

The election he lost, but he wouldn’t concede

He wanted to stay, he wanted to lead.

But he couldn’t keep a job, he refused to do

So the country voted in, somebody new.

But he kept on playing, cheating and hacking

That’s the reason why… his a – – was sent packin’

The votes are all in, only one thing to tally,

Merry Christmas to ALL … and that’s from the Valley.

Tom Valley