Tenney, Zeldin voted against helping region with opposition to CHIPS and Science Act

Posted 7 November 2022 at 10:25 am


I want to remind voters that Congresswoman Claudia Tenney voted against health and disability benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits. Voting to deny health care to those who risk their life for our democracy should disqualify her from running for political office. She does not deserve your vote.

I also want to remind voters that Congressman Zeldin and Ms. Tenney voted against the CHIPS and Science Act. Recently a British manufacturing company, Edwards Vacuum, announced plans to invest $319 million in western New York to manufacture micro-chips needed for its highly sensitive technology.

I believe that this would not have been possible if Congress had not passed the CHIPS and Science Act which provides funds to build facilities and manufacturer micro-chips in the United States. The company plans on hiring 600 good-paying jobs in our region.

The impact of those jobs will strengthen our tax base which will provide funding for schools and infrastructure. Since most micro-chips currently are manufactured in Asia this will shorten the supply chain, lower costs and strengthen national security.

Mr. Zeldin and Ms. Tenney voted against economically benefiting our region, strengthening local families and national security. They do not deserve our votes.

William Fine