Teachers shouldn’t have guns in school, which would only lead to more violence

Posted 14 April 2023 at 9:31 pm


Gun violence in schools has become an alarmingly common occurrence in the United States of America and has created division within the country. Some Americans feel that teachers should be armed. Others believe that could worsen the problem.

Arming teachers is controversial, but the risks of teachers carrying guns outweigh the benefits. The safety of every person in school would be compromised. There would be more opportunities for shooters to take advantage of the situation. Weapons in school would create a hostile learning and teaching environment.

Most teachers do not want to be armed. Numerous studies show that most teachers were in favor of stricter gun laws to prevent school shootings while few supported arming teachers. Many teachers believe that guns would create a negative learning environment.

Guns will increase the likelihood of shootings in schools. An argumentative piece comprised by lawyer and advocates Allen Rostron and Brian Siebel contends: “Teachers would be forced to carry weapons into classrooms filled with children… opening more opportunities for the guns to fall into the wrong hands.” A student could find a way to sneak the gun out of the teacher’s possession or attack the teacher to gain control of the gun.

If someone has not been violent in the past, that does not guarantee a lack of violent behavior in the future. Investigative journalist Jacquelyn Mitchard of the New York Times speaks to this point: “…I have a problem with the presumption that all gun owners are responsible, respectful, disciplined people, even if they have no criminal records.” This statement aligns with the opinions of many parents. Knowing how to handle a gun and having the responsibility to handle a gun are not coincident.

In closing: Would guns in schools be beneficial to the safety of those attending school? Although there are many nuances concerning this issue, the simple answer is no. Teachers, for the most part, do not want to be armed. They worry that adding more guns to the mix will worsen the issue. It is not any teacher’s responsibility to be an armed guard.

We need to work together to figure out a solution to gun violence. Talking about this topic may seem daunting, but it is the most effective way to make people think. This goes for all issues, not just gun violence. You can also write to members of Congress and other political officials. Effort is pertinent to reformation.

Julia Scroope

Holley High School student