Teachers should teach real science, not liberal propaganda

Posted 5 February 2019 at 7:08 pm


I’ve tried to bite my tongue, but I’ve had quite enough of the climate alarmist propaganda being indoctrinated into not only in our children’s head, but in education in general.

The alarmist’s have been more concerned about the health of our planet and animals than about the well-rounded education of our young people. Climate “scientists” have been well paid for thanks to the globalists’ attempts to replace God with “Mother Earth” for decades. It’s become an entire industry, worth billions of dollars, and anyone who claims that “climate change” is a natural phenomenon, rather than the actions of us awful human beings, is taken to the woodshed, or worse, being called “climate deniers,” a moniker for “stupid people,” like me.

The climate has been changing for billions of years. But yet we think we have the arrogance, the self-importance to claim that we are to blame for it? Really? I didn’t realize our pride was that out of control.

The planet has been through billions of years of volcanoes, earthquakes, worldwide floods and fires (which hundreds of thousands of people have died from long before the industrial age; begun a little over 200 years ago), the magnetic reversal of the poles, erosion, plate tectonic shifts, asteroids and comets; None of which have ANYTHING to do with us humans.  But WE are responsible for the health of the earth? And people are now being blamed for the death of the polar bears and the fish (among the fabricated “global warming” scares, thanks to the non-scientist Al Gore and his other well-financed minions, whom have made millions pushing this propaganda).

The job of our teachers (especially in local schools, like Medina Central) is to teach real science, not manufactured propaganda from the liberal left.  When I was in school, my teachers taught me earth science not “earth alarmist” so-called “science,” made-up myths, half-truths, or opinions. In fact, none of what the “science community” on climate change claims have been proven.

If you don’t believe me, check out the dozens of websites (including The Weather Channel’s founder, John Coleman, who did an interview on CNN just a few months ago) for proof. He said that global warming has morphed into “Climate change” is a manmade creation. And I quote him: “One of the hard, cold facts is that there is significant no man made global warming now or in the future.” He stated that the Democrats have made this a part of their platform; But that it’s all propaganda. Which is being delivered by liberals, the godless Democrats, the media and academia as “Truth,” when it is far from that.

I have had enough of this. Our children already have enough to deal with. They don’t need to feel guilty for breathing, let alone responsible for the health of the polar bears or, for crying out loud, the fish population! They are already going to battle AI, replacing the jobs they are going to need for the future, college student debt, social (intrinsically evil) media and their own social justice warrior “teachers” in public school.


Kimberly Kennedy