Taxes are needed to fund many critical government services

Posted 22 October 2018 at 7:54 am


Taxes are a burden. Some people say taxes are government oppression and government harassment. But taxes are what connect people to their government.

Taxes pay for schools, roads and road maintenance, police and fire protection. Taxes pay for our military and national defense and some of our taxes pay for Social Security and Medicare. Taxes are a community burden that pays for goods and services we all use and need.

Perhaps, the reason Republicans, like Congressman Collins, refer to Social Security and Medicare as entitlements is because they shirk their responsibilities as citizens. Perhaps, Congressman Collins, is not connected to the community.

Mr. Collins voted for $1.5 trillion tax break to large corporations and now he wants the citizens of the 27th congressional district to pay this tax burden. Congressman Collins does not represent the citizens of the 27th congressional district.

We need a new congressman, elect Nate McMurray. Thank you.

William Fine