Tarzan tells powerful story of bridging differences

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 1 April 2017 at 12:40 am

Photos by Tom Rivers

ALBION – Enoch Martin plays Tarzan and swings into the jungle with Jane (played by Angela Tarricone).

The cast and crew will perform shows today at noon and 7 p.m. The musical has dramatic special effects, an elaborate set, top-notch acting, high-energy dancing and includes seven characters who get to fly with a harness and rigging system.

Gary Simboli is the director and he said the plot is powerful, telling a story of bridging differences and devotion to family.

“You see how beautiful life can be,” Simboli said. “If you leave without a tear in your eye, I’ll have to ask what is wrong with you.”

Matilda Erakare plays the mother gorilla Kala, here holding the baby Tarzan. She was devastated after a leopard kidnaps her newborn son. When Kala goes to find her son, she discovers Tarzan. She raises him despite Kerchak’s refusal to treat Tarzan as his son. Kerchak is played by Victor Benjovsky, back left.

Maia Pate plays the young Tarzan, shown here making friends with the goofy Terk (Joe Madejski), who teaches Tarzan how to behave like a gorilla.

Tarzan earns respect from the gorillas after killing their nemesis, the leopard (played by Chase Froman).

Kate Krieger, right, and Riley Seielstad get to fly in this scene deep in the jungle.

Jane (Angela Tarricone), an English naturalist, makes field notes about the the different creatures and creatures she sees in the jungle. She is especially intrigued by Tarzan (Enoch Martin). Tarzan saves Jane from a giant spider.

Joe Madejski provides lots of comic relief in his role as Terk.

Tarzan (Enoch Martin) lets out his big yell when Jane (Angela Tarricone) agrees to stay in the jungle rather than go back to England.

There are 23 gorillas in the cast. They take a bow during the curtain call.

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