Tara Albone-White would bring needed enthusiasm to town clerk position

Posted 3 November 2017 at 11:54 am


I believe Tara Albone-White possesses the people and managerial skills to execute the duties of Ridgeway Town Clerk in an efficient and personal way.

Too often we follow the political party machine in its monolithic and inefficient efforts to control our vote and feed its hunger for power.

Tara Albone-White is an independent candidate who will bring new ideas, new energy, and new enthusiasm to the Ridgeway Town Clerk office.

As a local school board member, I personally experience the dated and wasteful operation of our municipal governments being controlled by the political party machine.

On November 7, I encourage you to help break the chains of the wasteful and stagnant political party machine and vote Tara Albone-White for Ridgeway Town Clerk.

She has the energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and a new, positive attitude to make a difference as Ridgeway Town Clerk.

David Sevenski