Tara Albone-White would be hard-working town clerk for Ridgeway

Posted 2 November 2017 at 7:55 am


(Full disclosure:  I am a property owner and taxpayer in the Town of Ridgeway and my legal residence since 2016 is in Fredonia.)

After following numerous articles relative to the upcoming election, I wish to offer a bit of history relative to the Town of Ridgeway Deputy Clerk’s position. When this appointment was made six years ago, I questioned the process by which the selection was made. I asked the Town of Ridgeway Supervisor where the position had been advertized, if it had been posted internally, were there any number of candidates, was there an open interview process and if any of this was not done, then why not.

Much to my dismay, these questions were never answered. I was instead mailed a document (legal statute) stating that the selection for this position was an appointment decision. Actually, nothing more than a “friends and family” process with strong political overtones. It is my supposition that powers higher up “suggested” a candidate and it was a “done deal.” In essence, the current deputy clerk was given the job. This, too, should not mean an individual ascends to the clerk’s position simply by proximity.

Now review the current election choices. A highly ethical, hard working young woman, Tara Albone-White, is seeking the Town of Ridgeway Clerk’s office. She has gone door to door, handed out her literature, listened to the citizens of Ridgeway and has the leadership qualities which will serve both citizens and Ridgeway employees with respect and dignity.

Serving the public requires a selfless temperament, not self serving. Honesty and the highest ethical standards must be the hallmark of an elected official. Tara will bring this to the clerk’s office. She has worked hard, presented the voters with an excellent choice and doesn’t expect to be given anything.

I have no doubts that she will continue to work hard, providing Ridgeway with the finest leadership we should all expect.

Maureen Blackburn

Fredonia, Medina