Taking a deep breath can help fight off nicotine withdrawal

Posted 24 December 2019 at 10:24 am


As the new year approaches, some people may have decided to turn unhealthy habits into healthy ones, including the decision to quit smoking!

Along with encouraging nicotine replacement therapy and counseling, how else can you help people stay smoke-free?

There are many symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, and even more habits associated with smoking. Luckily, there is one priceless technique that can curb the urge to smoke in just one minute.

Did you know that taking a couple of deep breaths can be one of the most effective ways to take the edge off a craving? Deep breathing actually helps you relax! Simply closing your eyes and taking ten slow, deep breaths may be all it takes. Delaying a cigarette for just one minute by utilizing deep breathing techniques can help that desire pass.

Breathing is one of the most overlooked activities we do, but a lot of people take it’s calming potential for granted. If healthcare providers can encourage deep breathing practices their patients can experience less physical withdrawal symptoms, and can have a positive impact on behavioral triggers.

Practicing deep breathing after meals, while drinking morning coffee and in stressful situations can very well help keep people smoke-free.

Kimberly Bank, RN, MS