System has allowed too many to fall through the cracks of society

Posted 10 June 2020 at 9:14 am


I’ve been seeing many social media posts from people in the more rural parts of New York. I’m not sure where exactly all my fellow Albion High School classmates landed, but many of them are on my friends’ list.

When I think on my memories of these people, most are wonderful. And I know in my heart of hearts that these are good people. In the sense of true community spirit, it’s important to not let anything divide us as a people.

First and foremost, anyone who loots, attacks, robs, steals or takes advantage of the situation in any way, is in no way a representative of what we protesters are trying to accomplish. I stand against a fundamentally corrupt system that is designed to let people slip through the cracks of society.

We each have personal examples of how the broken system has affected us, some of us just don’t realize it yet. But as more of our stories come out, as I know they will, more will realize just how close to home they have been affected.

And lastly, at the risk of personalizing, if I show you provable examples of corruption, and you do nothing, you effectively condone that corruption. No one can rest in complacency any longer. Stay informed! Spread truth! Stay safe!

Charlie Hunt

Syracuse, formerly of Albion