Supporters of wind project have right to have voices heard, too

Posted 31 August 2016 at 10:55 am


I came down the road the other day and noticed that one of my blue Lighthouse Wind yard signs was folded up like an accordion and bent over. This is not the first sign that someone has taken. Some of my friends and neighbors have had their signs stolen as well.

Not only are signs being stolen, just last week there was a sign that was defaced and publicly displayed at the SOS rally. But SOS people are trying to shift the blame, spreading more mistruths throughout the community.

The accusations that Apex Clean Energy and its supporters are stealing yard signs make me sick. We’re busy, hard-working people. We don’t always have time to make sure our voices are heard as loud as we’d like, much less have time to drive through Barker and Lyndonville stealing yard signs.

I would never take someone else’s sign. I want my voice heard as much as I want everyone else’s heard.

I want people to hear about some of the benefits of the Lighthouse Wind project. Wind turbines would bring much-needed money into our community and provide a boost for our school system and a better education for our children and grandchildren.

I ask everyone to show respect and stop stealing signs. We all deserve the chance to share our thoughts and opinions, whether that’s a letter to the editor, a chance to stand up at a board meeting, or a bright blue sign in our yard.


Linda Fisk