Support school board candidates who don’t raise taxes

Posted 8 May 2018 at 3:09 pm


All around the county people will be going to vote on school budgets on the 15th of May. Albany has been showering school districts with lavish amounts of our money while student enrollment is continuing to decline. Yet in many districts spending and taxes are going up. It seems like even though there is a tax cap and star program relief from the high taxes, it does not seem to be coming to fruition at our schools.

It’s time for the people who have not voted in a long time to get up off the couch and vote these budgets down. There are many new candidates running this year. We do not have to settle for the tax-and-spend group think. If your current incumbent school board member voted to raise taxes, then they do not deserve another term given the amounts of money in aid schools are given by the state and federal tax payers.

Apathy causes us all to suffer. State, county, town, village and school taxes are driving many of us to leave the state and for sure our children after they finish high school. I guarantee this is falling on deaf ears. All the school budgets will pass and the people responsible for your high taxes will stay on the job because you stayed home. Just my two cents. Taxed to death.

Paul Lauricella