Support Sandy Church and Susan Heard because good government is about good people

Posted 1 November 2017 at 9:15 am


Folks, let’s be honest with each other. There is no conspiracy at either the local or national level involving either the Republican or Democratic party. None!

What we have is a situation where 1) money talks more than it should, where 2) conspiracy stories about an “Establishment” get everyone excited, where 3) people put their faith in one line solutions to complex problems, where 4) second rate problem solvers get as much say so as first rate thinkers and where 5) politicians get to slide by because they distract us by slinging mud at better people. The fact is good government is about good people.

I decided to write a Letter to the Editor this year when I know a candidate stands out. I wrote in support of Sandy Church because of his overwhelming legal and personal qualifications.

Now I write about Susan Heard for Gaines Town Clerk. I have worked for her in her capacity as Public Administrator. That’s a position the County Treasurers in small counties have to do by law. It’s a thankless job. I have also acted as her independent counsel on numerous matters when needed. Let me say first that Sue has more scars from fighting the good fight than anyone outside of local government will ever know!

She knows her books. She knows State accounting regulations and requirements. She knows how to run a tight office where everyone gets along. And, yes, she has stood up for you in ways that you will never know. Saving a quarter million here, auditing books there and lots of times standing up and saying “NO. You can not do that”.  “That looks funny – stop right there.”  “You’re self dealing – do you want a ‘Go DirectlyTo Jail’ card?” Do you ever hear about all this?  Seldom, if ever.  But does it happen? Yes, it does.

Sue is simply top notch. She wants to continue to work part time as Town Clerk. It would be silly to not take advantage of that. Knowing her, she will put in full time hours until she has things running the way they should be.  It will be done well, without undue embarrassment to anyone, and professional in all respects. Frankly, I suspect that the same can be said about the entire slate of Grube, Heard, Kirby and Allport.

Conrad F. Cropsey