Supervisor candidate appreciates chance to chat with many Gaines residents

Posted 11 September 2017 at 4:53 pm


I’d like to take a moment to thank all the residents of Gaines I’ve had the chance to speak with over the last month. My impromptu visits have interrupted dinners, tractor repairs, hurricane watching, desserts, and that quiet time people enjoy when they get home from a hard day at work. Everyone has been gracious and welcoming. Great discussions have happened. I’d like to say I’ve made new friends!

During my time listening to everyone, I’ve learned that our neighbors want our town government to serve them well. They want people to be respectful of others. They want information easily available. They want to be listened to when they have a problem, and everything to be running nicely when they don’t. They have busy lives. They want to feel like they know what’s going on, and get all that information easily. They usually don’t have time in their busy lives to attend meetings. They want to trust their elected officials.

This feedback lines up perfectly with what I envision for Gaines. My personal and professional experience leading, mentoring, managing, and serving others helps me learn what’s important to people. It also helps me inspire those around me to do what’s right for the people they chose to serve, which in this case, is the residents of Gaines. Together we will make a town that is a great place to live be even better!

The political process can be nasty. We see it at the national and state level. It doesn’t need to be that way here. That political process really is a lengthy job interview where there are hundreds of interviewers and decision makers. While I suppose some people at the local level enter politics for questionable reasons, most just want to serve because they have fresh ideas and feel they can make a positive impact. I am one of those who feels I can make a difference.

With that, I’d like to think I’ve been successful in my interviews with the Republicans in the Town of Gaines! I’d like to ask you to help me move toward the goal of being your Town Supervisor by giving me your support in the Republican Primary on September 12th!

Thank you!

Joseph Grube

Candidate for Town Supervisor

Town of Gaines