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Posted 18 July 2021 at 5:00 am

Celebrating Ice Cream on its special month

July 18th. The most coveted day of the year in my book. It is National Ice Cream Day which falls on the third Sunday of each July.

No matter your politics, you have to appreciate Ronald Reagan for declaring the month of July as National Ice Cream Month. Thank you, President Reagan. It passed with joint resolutions in both the Senate and House. Wow.

One thing everyone can agree on: ice cream is yummy and politically correct. Truth be told, I have been known to celebrate Ice Cream Day in other months too, like December, February, and nine other months.

People have been enjoying frozen treats for thousands of years. Back before freezers, frozen-treat lovers would store winter’s snow balls in underground chambers and top them with fresh berry juice. That does sound quite refreshing! When desperate they could hike up the snow capped mountains and score some ice that way too.

After being without a refrigerator for 20 days, I am grateful for the modern convenience of electricity. Not having means to keep your sweet treats frozen for almost three weeks, makes one appreciate these pioneers for their forethought and ingenuity.

Remember the ice cream truck? I have not seen or heard one coming down the street in a few years! Goodness, how can that be? Remember when the sound of the ice cream truck left you running down the driveway waving your hands in the air. God forbid if we didn’t plan for it’s impending arrival and have cash ready. I love a good Nutty Buddy or one of those ice cream bars with the crumbly things on them or an ice cream sandwich or anything really. I am not that picky about my sugary treats. I do long to hear the sound of that ring-a-ding.

Five years ago, after Brian so beautifully restored a Dune Buggy we named LoveBug25, we declared it the summer of the ice cream tastings. We drove that little buggy all over the county in search of the best ice cream stand, doing a tasting at each one. Well, maybe they were more than tastings. It was all fun until September rolled around and I found I had gained nearly 15 pounds. Oh my word, how could something so delightful play such a cruel joke on me that way. Oh ice cream, it was a great love affair that went so wrong so quickly.

Like most true loves they can be hard to part with, so once a week I still have a rendezvous with this creamy sweetheart. My favorites are anything with either mint, chocolate cookie dough, peanut butter and it has to have chocolate sprinkles or it is not entering my belly.

There are over 1,500 national holidays and this one truly is a treasure. So on July 18th honor ice cream by setting up a pretty table, lighting a candle and setting the mood for a lovely evening with this heavenly little darling. Fold your napkin real pretty in your lap and show it some genuine affection before digging in and devouring it.

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Debbie London