Sunday Morning Positive Perks from your Sassy Small Town Missus

Posted 3 October 2021 at 8:00 am

Tiny Spaces, Big Vibes 

It is the cover track to this Positive Perks Website and now is an ideal time to celebrate it as I wind down Positive Perks. The song is Good Vibes by Chris Janson released the same year as Positive Perks, 2019. It represents what the site was created to promote, Good Vibes. Spaces that promote Good Vibes can be hard to find. If that is your situation, try creating spaces that lean into those Feel Good Vibes.

Let’s be real, sometimes less than savory Vibes seep in between our skeletal walls. With that being said, I try to fill those cracks with Positive Energy when I see that green goo of anxiety seeping in. We are all human and do have those “what the heck is going on” kind of moments where anger can set in. I appreciate that Chris’s first verse is “I ain’t watching TV today, Bad news it can just stay away”. The number one rule of Tiny Shed, Big Vibes living is Turn Off The News. It is not news, it is just commentary. It is the #1 cause of misinformation and anxiety, it is not allowed in Good Vibes spaces.

You know what is allowed? Turning your radio on to music that makes your heart waltz with happiness. Go outside and breathe in God’s air and soak up all the Good Vibes. Make sure you are looking up when you do this. Good Vibes many times are not found looking down. Smartphones are as smart as those “News” people. Keep your head up in life. Make a conscious effort to focus on and plant yourself in dirt where the narrative is Positive.

If you feel empowered, be the one to change the narrative. Often that narrative is the one in your own head. That is the most important conversation that we have. The one with ourselves, so make it a good one or just shut your mouth if you don’t have anything good to say, to quote Chris. My tiny spaces include decorations and items that promote joyful minds. They also include items that remind me to search out bliss and visuals that bring comfort or transport me to a place that I can escape to. In NY my tiny shed is decorated Western. Too many happy times out West with my Sister to not create a space that transports me there. Full of George Strait, books, coloring, a space for writing and a warm place for relaxing.

In TN the SheShed is the WeShed as I share it with my Husband. It is our home here. It is a bit more remote cabin living with a cooking area, unwinding area and a space for rest. In TN we spend the majority of our days outside, but tiny comforts of mountain life create a Positive space to rest, nourish and feed our bodies for all the good life we will soak up the next day. As Chris delivers it so excellently in his lyrics… fill that cup of goodness up each day and let it spill over, don’t waste one breath on all the noise and just waive those worries away. Here is the link to his song. 

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Debbie London