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Posted 19 September 2021 at 7:25 am

Our Wilderness – a place of beauty and stillness

“In the Wilderness is the preservation of the World” – Henry David Thoreau.

Our idea of camping growing up was a nice lake cottage in the Adirondacks. It was furnished with amenities, a dock for our family boat, and an ice cream stand over the bridge. That was camping Burgoon style. And I liked it. I married a man whose idea of camping was quite different growing up out West. His parents drove to Lake Cleveland, Idaho for the entire summer. Out in the middle of nowhere on a lake, with no power, bathrooms, boat and no ice cream.

On our honeymoon my husband took me tent camping in Maine. We left early and came home. Maybe I was a brat, I can’t remember. After that, vacations and getaways included proper lodging, a nearby watering hole and eating establishments. Not until my sister moved to Montana nearly 17 years ago did I truly internalize what a beautiful thing nature is out in the vastness of the wilderness. One of our trips out West found us appreciating many National Parks. Thanks to my fellow New Yorker Theodore Roosevelt, a great conservationist, he had a vision for the National Parks and established the United States Forest Service. Under his guidance he protected 230 million acres of public land, of which we should all be grateful.

If you have never seen the Grand Tetons, Craters of The Moon, or Zion, a road trip should be in your future. On our adventure, Brian shared Lake Cleveland with me. It was one of the most beautiful places. Like mini Tetons around a tiny lake, up in the middle of a very high mountain. It can be an eye opener when you perceive things a certain way without the value of experiencing it. Like my fellow New Yorker T.R., once I ventured outside of my comfort zone, it was enchanting to see what was waiting out in the vastness of an untouched landscape. This picture I took of my husband standing on our rocky bluff overlooking the mountain ranges is the fulfillment of a dream. His dream is now our dream. This brat can admit that when she bent a little, rolled up her sleeves and breathed. She found that the wilderness can be just as bewitching as the Rat-Race.

There is something very peaceful about realizing that the only people allowed to be in control of your destiny are you and God. The way the mountains weave together in this range makes one feel protected. I don’t even kill bugs anymore! I appreciate that all creatures in this ecosystem have a purpose. Out here in the wilderness life is preserved as nature has meant it to be. That preservation extends to us. It keeps us young at heart with great adventures mixed with the perfect amount of solitude.

When life is all too noisy in the world of screens and socials and other foolishness, travel to a place of beauty and stillness. And just breathe. It could be a road trip or could be as simple as a local park bench. Where is your wilderness retreat? 

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Debbie London