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Posted 1 August 2021 at 8:00 am

Dreams of Faithful Messages

Dreams are powerful things. Some people find they never dream or maybe they do but they just do not remember – we will never know. But for those of us who dream often, sometimes the messages leave powerful and lasting impressions.

Some people believe I am a bit coo-coo. Being coo-coo has allowed me to open up my mind to see and feel things others might find crazy. So here you have it, I do believe that in my dreams those that are beyond the blue skies visit me with messages of faith.

Vivid dreams often come to me during times of uncertainty or change. One such dream was a message from my Grandma Clark. Grandma was a bit taller than me and a real spit-fire. Although she appeared to be on high anxiety sometimes, with a little conversation and inappropriate banter, she would open that smile and show those pearly whites. So it was fitting in a time of self anxiety, she gifted me her strength.

In this dream she approached me wearing a trench coat. As she opened her coat the image on her full length t-shirt was of herself. She wrapped me in her coat, held me tight and whispered in my ear “All the strength within me I pass down to you.” I felt her strength pass through me – faith in persevering.

My other grandma has been known to visit me and just smile at me with her clear blue eyes. This is Grandma Burgoon, the no-nonsense grandma. She had hands so soft, like baby cashmere. In my dreams she simply sits with me, does not speak and holds my hand into hers. And once again strength passes through me – faith in tranquility.

My Uncle Butchie brought me a message after he passed. I did not even know that he passed. He asked me to tell everyone he was sorry he couldn’t make it to the “show,” but to let everyone know that we would reunite one day. He hugged me and walked off with a kind looking, young blonde-haired man. He was no longer sick with cancer and there was joy in knowing that his body was new and strong again – faith in everlasting life and reuniting.

My Uncle David came to me. He told me that he knew I was not so innocent, laughed and teased me as he always did. Then holding up tiny pictures of my aunt and two cousins, while smiling at each one – faith in appreciation and self awareness.

This whole phenomenon started almost three decades ago when I was sleeping and woke up to see my Grandpa Clark looking at me, not saying a word. I tried so hard to say his name but couldn’t. After that I welcomed these visits from those beyond the blue skies. Each one coming at just the right time in life. Little messages from Heaven reminding me that how we spend our time in our own minds, is not lost on those that care and look after us from above.

There are some people I am awaiting faithful messages from. I welcome the generosity of their comfort and encouragement should they feel it justified.

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Debbie London