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Posted 4 July 2021 at 9:15 am

Ragged Old Flag

It was 1974 when Johnny Cash penned the song Ragged Old Flag as a way to express to the American people that the flag and country had survived countless trying times.

He wanted to assure the honorable citizens of our great country that with faith, patriotism and the goodness of the American people that America was a country to be celebrated and proud of.

This July 4th America will become 245 years young. Babes in the woods compared to other countries whose histories consist of millenniums rather than centuries. The song begins with a town that appears to be in need of repair to a passing visitor. When the visitor shares his perception to a local old timer, the old timer sees the wear and tear of the community and its beloved “Ragged Old Flag” as a reason for pride, not a reason for shame. The old timer doesn’t want to brag, but shares with the visitor why he is proud of that “Ragged Old Flag.” He invites the visitor to sit a bit and hear his reasoning and the visitor listens.

As he tells it, the flag received its first hole when Washington took it across the Delaware. From there the flag has persevered and stayed strong even though it has been attacked with powder burns, cut with a sword, received a hole in it and even had blood shed on it. From time to time the Old Flag has been commissioned to go to war as a symbol of our nation’s steadfastness and grit.

Occasionally, she has hung limp and low and worn thin, but with faith and a patriotic spirit the Old Girl always holds her head high and never lets her people down. There have been times when Americans have let the Ragged Old Flag down by burning it and times when the government for which she stands for is engulfed in scandal. Even though she flies high, each scar and wrinkle on her fabric only deepens her value.

It tells the story of a nation that through its freedom and patriotic spirit survives times of challenge. It takes it’s lessons and grows more beautiful over time, not raggedy. In the end the old timer decides that he will proudly brag about The Old Flag. Each day he will treat her right, raise her up proudly and care for her always.

This flag is not just thread and fabric, but it’s the symbol of the greatest asset mankind can have, freedom. Treasure it, honor it and fight for it when required. Always be proud of the Ragged Old Flag. The colors of the flag are symbolic. Red symbolizes hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice.

Our constitution gifts us many freedoms. Depending on your life situation some freedoms will be more valuable to you than others, but never discount others’ valued freedoms they hold necessary and dear to heart. For me freedom is about choice, the ability to protect oneself and having the right to self sustain. Song link. 

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Debbie London