Sunday Morning Positive Perks from your Sassy Small Town Missus

Posted 27 June 2021 at 8:00 am

From small town in Orleans County to the smallest ‘town’ in Tennessee

Right now Albion seems like a big city. We’ve gone from small-town living to living in Tennessee’s least populated mountain community.

There are 300 residents in our hills. The Post Office does not deliver here. They outsource which has led to some interesting conversations with the Post Office. I wish I could say our first days in this old coal mining mountain have been all sunshine & rainbows for Fin, Charles, Brian and I. The reality is this 16″x 28″ shed-type living is a bit different than I am accustomed to. I don’t like to camp. I need organization and do not thrive in chaos.

We are on the most beautiful mountain top overlooking the mountain ranges, a true blessing from God. We arrived during one of the regions most rainiest springs and our land received a good excavation prior to our arrival. So the land on the bluff we are living is quite messy. Lucky for us our soil is sandy because down below us the soil is like clay. My arms and patience have gotten quite a workout. I have never swept so much in my life.

At the present time we have no electricity or cable, but within the next week we should be able to plug in a refrigerator and surf the web, if we desire. Trying to function with coolers and a MiFi device is tricky. However, I am thankful for the options. The biggest challenge is water. The well is still pending. Luckily for us we had the foresight in March to set up rain barrels to collect water which allows us to take a heavenly outdoor shower each evening. This is my favorite part of the day. It is a temporary outdoor setup, like most of our setups right now, but it serves its purpose.

Our neighbors on the mountain, who are weekenders, offered their well water until our well is complete which we greatly appreciate. When you are living in the smallest populated area of Tennessee, it creates proximity issues for supplies so we have created a clipboard system. Everything we need when we head off the mountain is written down, because when you come back if you did not get it, you are out of luck. You may wonder how a Sassy Small Town Missus is surviving this situation. Once I yelled at my husband, yep I did. Other than that my husband has helped keep me calm. Sometimes he has patiently listened and then created a happy situation. Other times he has poured me Bourbon.

With all these challenges do you know what this little mountain top does have? Morning whippoorwills, big colorful butterflies galore, peace, possibilities, adventure, character building moments, a warm and welcoming community, breathtaking views, countless fireflies, endless night stars and joy.

Everyone who learns we are transplants has let us know that TN is a great place, they have huge pride for their state. Maybe that is why they have happily welcomed us! (Someday maybe I will tell you about the Porta Potty, yikes!) Where is your happy place?

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Debbie London