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Posted 6 June 2021 at 8:00 am

Be victorious over the checklist! 

The dreaded checklist. The thing about checklists is often it creates chores – yuck. Even the most task-oriented person like myself does not always appreciate a checklist.

Yes, we can see our progress and it helps keep us on task. But, it also reminds us we have things that we must do. You know that ghastly 16-letter word – responsibilities. What kinds of things land on the checklist? Perhaps #1, clean the bathroom; #2, mow the lawn; #3, pay the bills; #4, grocery shopping; #5, exercise.

So according to this little notepad, once completing the items on the checklist, we will feel victorious. However, nothing about completing those five items motivates me to feel triumphant. It just makes me feel very tired. Which gave me a wonderful idea. If your personality wants to check the list, but is leaning into procrastination, this could be the key to success.

Throw away that checklist and create a more appealing one. Here goes: #1, buy some luxurious towels so your bathroom looks prettier; #2, telephone your nephew to mow your lawn, therefore helping him learn a new skill; #3, go shopping for sandals and a purse, with cash, so you won’t have to pay that credit card bill; #4, take a ride over to Oliver’s Chocolates in Batavia and grocery shop the ice-cream cooler, a perfect way to support local and fill your freezer; #5, grab yourself a refreshing Moscow mule and exercise those biceps.

Now this is a great way to turn that checklist into something not only do-able but actually enjoyable. Just imagine how great it is going to feel to put a big old, red check mark next to each task as you have completed them.

So get your pen and paper out and get some chores down, put a little twist on them and watch your can-do spirit take flight. Even if once you have claimed victory, there is still much to do – so what. You have no one to answer to but you … and maybe your kids or your spouse, hmmm.

Oh well, just share your ice cream with them, with that cash you just pulled out of your newly purchased purse. Everyone wants to be able to proclaim victory when attempting to accomplish. So why set yourself up for failure by making your list a big eye roll?

Does your list have spring cleaning on it because mine does. What if it said, go light that fresh linen candle and open some windows. It is getting cleaner already! Seriously, if you are really innovative you can create a victorious list of things that will bring joy to others.

On this list maybe you will go visit Grandma, take a flower to a treasured friend, give a stranger a smile …  This list, once complete, will not only make you feel victorious but fill your heart full because you checked off emotions that bring others joy – the most important responsibility of all.

So get moving and get checking! The world needs your joyful can-do spirit and all the goodwill it will create. What will be on your checklist?

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Deborah London