Sunday Morning Positive Perks from your Sassy Small Town Missus

Posted 23 May 2021 at 8:00 am

A Tribute to the Original Miss Sassy…

In my household I was not the only one who was sassy. I self proclaimed myself sassy by calling myself a “Sassy Small Town Missus.” What you need to know is that by my side these last 17 ½ years was a Sassy-Pants that could out-sass me 10 times over. She was my girl. My little Weezie.

I have spoken of her in the past, but this post pays special tribute to a little four-legged sweetheart who came to us at six weeks old. A little Shih Tzu, she learned early on she had to have grit to survive in our household of other four-leggeds. So tiny at six weeks old she would get stepped on and tripped over too easily. Although she was tiny, she had courage and grit large enough to conquer the house and become the boss. Even boss of us 2-leggeds. She had this way of winning people over with her charm and cuteness. When she walked, her little butt wiggled – a lot. When she was unhappy with you she could really mouth off, too.

There was no doubt she was the Queen of our castle. In her prime she loved to race across the back yard to try to catch squirrels. She could hear a can of corn beef hash being opened with the first crack of the can opener. Everyone who knew her loved her. As all my nieces and nephews were growing up, so was our girl. In the cold weather she loved to wear her little sweaters, it just added to the sass. She never backed down from a fight and always stood her ground. Each afternoon she snuggled with Brian and took a nice long nap. She loved to take rides and feel the wind on her face. She did not however like bath time. She would really sass about that.

Being Sassy for my girl was not about being naughty, although she could be. It was about having that perfect mixture of charm and sass. The kind that draws you into people’s hearts with your enduring ways but also lets them know that you are in control. I loved it when she would flop over onto her side and her ears would flop over and I would just kiss her up. She knew she was being cute, it was all part of her plan to stay in control. Even as she aged and her senses were dulling, her mind stayed sharp. As a senior she showed us how to be tough as she took challenges head on, on her terms, without weakness. The joy that is gifted to us from our little creatures is a Positive Perk that is a priceless treasure.

Little paw prints leave a lasting impression on our hearts. And when their tiny little bodies are tired and the light their joy has brought us is extinguished, we must find a way to honor them and keep their memories alive. On May 14, 2021 at 8:37 a.m. we kissed our girl one last time as we helped her find her way to heaven. I will try to keep her joy alive in my heart by following in her little paw prints and always be Sassy, strong and keep on keepin’ on. Be at peace my little peanut, I will always love you- Mama.

How have you honored Paw Prints left on your heart?

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Deborah London