Sunday Morning Positive Perks from your Sassy Small Town Missus

Posted 16 May 2021 at 8:00 am

Scouting About at the South Seas Island

Some people like to go on adventures that are hair raising like bungee jumping. For me a good adventure involves a little less adrenaline. That is why when on holiday, I decided to participate in the Scout About. Totally my speed. No heights or fast speeds involved. Truth be told I am pretty sure it was meant for children, but since my inner child is still alive and well, I concluded it qualified me to participate.

The location was South Seas Island and the mission was to collect colored wristbands at 15 different discovery points. First obstacle, learning to drive the golf cart we rented. It was a bit intimidating, but in no time at all I moved freely at 5 miles per hour. Each day brought new adventure and new opportunity. Many times I ventured out alone since my husband declared it too hot outside. That was fine with me because I am my own best company and audience. Alone time with myself is always lovely.

If I don’t have fun then there is no one to blame but myself! Map in hand with sheer grit and determination I braved the South Seas in search of the colored bracelets and the knowledge gained at each point of interest. There was a Key Lime Tree, Osprey, Sea Turtle, Manatee hunt and more. Not every hunt actually involved seeing the actual point of interest. However, there would be a placard with pictures and information on the South Seas subject. This treasure hunt found me at the Attitude Beach Bar one afternoon. Which was perfect because I was all full of attitude because I was successfully collecting colored bracelets daily… all on my own.

The most fascinating thing to learn about was the Green Flash. The Green Flash is when conditions are perfect enough in the atmosphere where at either sunrise or sunset a Green Flash will appear atop the Sunrise/Sunset. It is very fleeting and only lasts a couple seconds. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to actually witness The Green Flash, however it is something to aspire to see someday. And The Green Flash Restaurant where I ate a hearty breakfast each morning more than made up for it… because all things are forgiven with good food. Oh, and my husband never missed the breakfast, it was never too hot for that.

Some hunts were easily found and others required a bit of hiking or searching. In the end I collected all 15 bracelets. Proudly I hopped into the golf cart and with tremendous spirit I presented my bands to the counselor at Camp Scullywags. They awarded me with a final bracelet and sent me to the board with my official paperwork to post this great accomplishment. Just like all the kids under the age of 15 on the board, my inner child was also alive and well. No matter how old you are, keep your inner child alive and let them out to play. Adulting is awesome, but sometimes the simple pleasures of childhood are just as rewarding. What adventure keeps you young?

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Debbie London