Sunday Morning Positive Perks from your Sassy Small Town Missus

Posted 9 May 2021 at 8:00 am


What a little acronym for such a big responsibility. I have seen Made Of Money, Must Obey Me, Master Of Multitasking. These may be appropriate for some, but I will just go with Mother Of Mine, and Magical, Optimistic, Marvelous. I am lucky to be able to claim all these.

Young me saw Mom differently than adult me. I think we can all relate to that. However, either perspective let you know that you were safe. If your life situation did not bless you that way, perhaps you can flip the switch on the next generation and sprinkle their life with droplets of security to provide them tools to go forth successfully and lovingly into this world. No doubt getting love is crucial as we grow, but giving love and showing grace is just as powerful, if not more powerful.

When you are young Moms can be pretty marvelous because like mine, she not only ran the house, she ran to work everyday, ran the numbers to keep the household in the black vs. the red, kept our butts running in the right direction. No doubt many times she showed signs of wear and tear. That was a lot to tackle for almost 2 decades, without a break! Mom doesn’t get to run away when you make her mad or send you away. She must somehow stand next to you and show you the right way. For me the example was one of strength. Having respect for yourself was a lesson I learned through watching. Because remember Moms, your children are not brought into this world with a blueprint. You must create it for them.

Part of the “Marvelousness” of my blueprint was that it was drawn around a foundation of independence. Never allow others to entice you to do things you know in your heart are less than noble and will set you up for shame. Moms need to be patient too because this journey is not a straight one, for sure we fall and fail, but Mom will pick us back up again and point us back in the right direction.

Once we are set along the path alone, we can truly look back and appreciate Mom’s ability to be “Magical” and “Optimistic.” It is magical how she honors her family and friends with thoughtfulness and humor. Even if she is feeling blue she does not let it bring others down. She tries to stay positive. For me the optimism is a true gift.

This Positive Missus can go down a rabbit hole of pessimism easily. Yep it is true. Some days you need to work at being positive, that is just life. But Mom helps keep things optimistic because her blueprint has more on it and she knows that behind every challenge is a ray of sunshine just waiting to be discovered.

She is quiet and patient in her thoughtfulness. It is about counting our blessings and finding joy in everyday life. Like painting rocks, taking sunset photos, texting friends or laughing with your husband. Happy Mother’s Day to all those who mother and to my Mom, Marilyn Burgoon, and my Bonus Mom, Monica London, xoxo. What does M.O.M mean to you?

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Debbie London