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Posted 25 April 2021 at 8:00 am

Meet King Charles, a Rescue with lots of little quirks

If you have a Rescue, especially an adult, the question of “Who Rescued Whom?” is quite relevant to you. Meet Charlie. He is our fourth adult rescue dog. Thing about Charlie is that he lacks mental intelligence. He is our 3rd Lab/Mix and by far the most dimwitted. Our first two Labs and Golden were very smart. I kept an eye on him for a while before adopting him. He was in the kennel wishing for adoption.

Every once in a while I would ask my Pally Jen, who owns MADRWNY, if anyone had adopted Charlie yet. He had two previous homes, but ended up back at the Shelter. He had issues and needed a special home. He has a deep-seeded fear of men. We will never know why. Jen recalls seeing Charlie in a crate in Puerto Rico where he had been for quite some time and her big heart knew he needed to make the journey to her American Rescue.

After some time I went to visit Charles – that’s what I call him – and that night he came to live with us. Being he was afraid of everything, once we got him in our fenced in backyard, we could not get him to come to us. For 3 hours we tried to coerce him with treats, bologna, cheese, puppy talk. We were going to work this out… until we couldn’t. Ten at night and Jen was at my house so we could get him inside. She begged us not to leave him outside alone overnight. Thing is when you get a Rescue their story before you is unknown.

In 2017 he was 3, maybe. He had distemper as a puppy so his head always shakes a little even when he is sleeping, but he doesn’t seem to notice. It took months for Charles to allow Brian to approach him – to this day Charles backs up a little when approached by men. However, he is OK when he can do the approaching. Charles just doesn’t like to be walked up on by other males. Strange thing is that he is totally at ease with me and I am always the one to scold or ignore. Even if he is being scolded by me he doesn’t seem to mind too much. He just wants my attention. One thing is for sure, he is loyal to a fault.

When home he has me in his sight at all times, which makes one feel pretty safe and appreciated. He’s been found outside my She-Shed in the rain because he doesn’t want me out there alone. He loves dinner and treat time and is very food motivated. He may not be smart about many things, but he knows when it’s time to eat and will remind you mercifully.

As he moves about it looks like he is skipping, but he does not have the agility to jump up or on things. If you have a rescue with little quirks don’t you wonder what life was life before your home became their home? So many animals out there need homes, love, understanding and patience. If you truly make your Rescue a part of your indoor family, then you come to know that their love and loyalty makes your heart grow 10 times bigger and the blessings of sharing love, home and security go both ways. What four-legged rescued you?

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Debbie London