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Posted 4 April 2021 at 8:00 am

Easter baskets pack powerful childhood memories

When you were a child what was in your Easter Basket? Some people have received underwear or a toothbrush from the Easter Bunny. HMMM, What? Your Easter Bunny was much more practical and cared about your hygiene much more than mine did as a kid. Phew, thankfully. We got candy!

Each year when The Easter Bunny came hopping down the Bunny Trail she would bring me one special white chocolate mold from Niagara Candy on Easter morning. She was a smart Bunny and a clever little gal, too, because she made me work for it, like a little scavenger hunt. It wasn’t just sitting on the table for me to easily find and eat. No. It was hidden somewhere.

When we finished finding the hidden baskets in our childhood home, we would then go in search of the dyed eggs the Easter Bunny left hidden in little nooks and crannies around the house. If we did not find them all, one might turn up days later in a well hidden spot!

Every year I put out the same basket and each year she blessed me with sweets. The basket was not very big, but the joy it brought as a child into young adulthood was very Bbig! I do not know what happened to that basket, but I can picture it in my mind. It had a tall handle, bold colors and was plastic rather than bamboo.

I read that the German Protestants first created the original tradition of the Easter Basket. It began with Eostre the Goddess of spring and fertility who it is believed Easter is named after. Folklore tells us that Eostre found a bird dying from frigid temperature and transformed it into a rabbit so it could keep warm. However, the rabbit still laid eggs as if it was still a bird. So each year children would create nests like baskets and bonnets so the Easter Hare could lay her eggs in it. The Easter Hare would later be known as The Easter Bunny. Fascinating!

This tradition made it’s way to America with the Pennsylvania Dutch Settlers. Always loved the Protestants, being an honorary member and all. Baptized Catholic, but attending the Albion First Presbyterian on occasion with my grandmother, always knowing that Jesus rose on this sacred day.

In some traditions people fill their baskets with lace and food to be blessed before the Easter Feast and others put seedlings or eggs in them as a sign of fertility and renewal of life. A resurrection of not only God’s Son, but springtime after the harshness of winter. One very good reason that the the Easter Basket is traditionally filled with chocolate confections is because during lent, chocolate is a common treat that people refrain from. So, may your heart and home be filled as high and plentiful as the Easter Basket this Easter with Easter Blessings. Not just with jelly beans, Peps, chocolate eggs, games or toothbrushes, but with the mutual love, acceptance and tolerance of family and friends.

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Debbie London