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Posted 28 March 2021 at 8:00 am

Tributes from the Heart

Being that I have spent a considerable amount of time in cemeteries the past couple decades doing florist work, I tend to pay special attention when traveling to different customs. In New York, gravesites tend to be below the ground with markers, some flat and some upright with unique and fancy engraving.

Very different view when traveling to New Orleans several years back at Lafayette Cemetery. All the graves were above the ground, which I found a bit eerie because I am not used to seeing casket-sized concrete structures above the ground. They place them above the ground because the terrain is very wet. The above-ground tomb allows for remains to be safe from ground moisture. These tombs are like artwork and many people visit them to see the intricate detail put into these concrete casts. Each one has a hint of a story behind them of a life once lived.

Traveling out West you will see tiny little places of rest dedicated to families. Within the little wrought iron gates there are only a few little stones. These sites are very intimate and personal because they hold memories and spirits of a family rather than an entire community. A true treasure for those with these on Their land.

In Aruba you can see cemeteries of colorful headstones each adorned with crosses atop and laden with rosaries and colorful blossoms. Their faith is very expressive and beautiful. While in Captiva Island, Florida I traveled some back roads and found gravestones surrounded by both tiny and large ornate shells left behind by visitors. Very appropriate that shells were chosen amongst the sandy soil for those whose lives were grounded at the shore. No matter where you are it is so interesting to see the little mementos and gifts that people leave at gravesites. Many leave flowers and some say a prayer and leave a stone behind to show respect.

I have seen photos of treasured memories, spiritual items, stuffed animals, flags, food, beverages and much more. I love our own cemetery in Mt. Albion for it’s rolling hills, large protective trees and the flowers that blossom from them. Providing both shade and beauty for those that rest there and those that bring life there. It’s highest point, reaching high into the Heavens, you can see all the places from which those who rest below came from. Very profound and appropriate.

When I am done with my earthly body and rewarded with a new one in Heaven, I pray my ashes will be put in a little bean pod with a George Strait cassette, a bottle of good bourbon, pictures of my family and friends, and my lipstick. All placed under a beautiful flowering tree trimmed out with gemstones and rocks. Because you see, your final resting place, while at first is a place to mourn, will become a place to hold all the Positive Vibes that your life gifted this world. What do you want your eternal celebrations and memorial to look like? 

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Debbie London