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Posted 14 March 2021 at 8:00 am

Everyone is Irish March 17th

The best part of St. Patty’s Day is that it allows you to pinch people and you can not be booked on charges of assault. At least I don’t think you can – don’t hold me to that. I believe if you get pinched on St. Patty’s Day then you must assume some of the blame.

Unless you live under a rock you that if you fail to have green on your anatomy then you are asking for a good pinch. Maybe you want to get pinched – that would not be so unheard of. Some people will do anything for some human contact these days.

The one I love is the “Kiss Me I Am Irish” paraphernalia. What in the world does St. Patrick’s Day have to do with getting kissed? Beware though if you adorn such a slogan be prepared to get kissed. If you do get kissed and you are unhappy with it, then you can only blame yourself. Or perhaps you have taken the belief that St. Patty’s Day will bring luck to a whole new level and are increasing your odds.

Lots of fun things happen on St. Patty’s Day. People drink green beverages, they can appropriately be loud, they can freely and unabashedly do some Irish step dancing, they can eat boiled corn beef (yuk), and attend parades of visual delight. It is one day of the year that you are Irish, no matter what. Everyone is Irish on March 17th, no questions asked.

Did you know that March 17th is the official death date of St. Patrick the Patron Saint of Ireland? St. Patrick was born to a wealthy British family and was kidnapped as a teenager and enslaved by the Irish. During his enslavement he found faith and upon his escape he returned home and became a priest. Eventually St. Patrick made a journey back to Ireland to share Christianity with the Irish, specifically Northern Ireland.

St. Patrick used the three-leaf clover to explain the Trinity to his Gallery. The green of the clover is the primary reason that on St. Patrick’s Day, green is the king of all colors! People have been wearing green ribbons and shamrocks to celebrate since 1680. However, St. Patrick’s Day did not become an official holiday in Ireland until 1903 and the first official parade was held to commemorate.

This joyous holiday shared to the world by Ireland is the most celebrated of all national festivals. More countries celebrate the 17th of March than any other. Surely many Americans do not know the history of St. Patrick or why March 17th is commemorated. One thing is for sure, St. Patrick’s gift to modern day is the much needed jubilation in which this universal celebration brings.

So get yourself some soda bread and raise a glass of green libations on the 17th and toast to St. Patrick. Enjoy a moment of laughter with those who make you feel lucky enough to be alive! And maybe you will even get a kiss… for being Irish, of course. Or perhaps you prefer that pinch! How will you celebrate St. Patrick? Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

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