Sunday Morning Positive Perks from your Sassy Small Town Missus

Posted 28 February 2021 at 8:00 am


Drawing by Stephen Burgoon, coloring by me! Joy, such a tiny word for such a big emotion! Love this word. Defined as feelings of great pleasure or happiness. The fact the thesaurus claims a good synonym for joy is jubilation makes this word feel even more warm and sparkly.

Do you ever lay in bed at night and the craziest things pop into your head? Well that is what inspired this post. In the middle of the night, the band Three Dog Night pops into my head singing “Joy to the World.” What a perfect way to start a day. This song was considered an unlikely hit in it’s day because it was just a “grins and giggles” kind of song. The creators were more inspired by the melody than the words, so they put together some random fun lyrics and created this song around Jeramiah. The Songster literally didn’t even understand Jeremiah. However being in his presence made him so joyful.

Some believe that Jeremiah was a prophet and “The Bullfrog” in the song was simply a metaphor with its distinct sound in nature. This distinct Bullfrog sound was thought by some to be God’s voice heralding the world to be joyful and come together. It was 1971 when it hit #1 on the song charts and stayed there for six weeks. No matter the true meaning of the lyrics, it has brought joy and harmony to so many, even this almost 53-year-old in the middle of a cold winter night in Western NY. Curious what things always bring you joy? Perhaps it is sports or a good comedy or ice cream or playing with your four-legged friends, or feeling the sun on your face, or bourbon. For me it has to be music, and maybe a little bourbon, too. My Ipod is full of 70s and Country. It is a go-to for a pick-me-up.

The standout joy moment for me happened this fall at my Positivity Party at The Positivity Pen in my backyard. I was handed a black garbage bag with an item in it. As I took the bag into my hand, “Joy” sparked and I knew right away it was a banjo. My father-in-law gifted it to me. Someone snapped a photo and I was surprised how the joy translated in the photo. Truly the feelings inside beamed from my body. Since then banjo practice has been slow. I have found that my brain does not play music as well as it can enjoy listening to it. So I pick and grin slowly. No doubt I am the only one with joy during this painful practice.

As we continue on in this earthly world, I pray for joy in the world, too. “The boys and girls, fishes in the deep blue sea, you and me” and every creature in between! Give this a listen for a joyous way to start your day. The wardrobe and attitude only adds to the joy. Anytime a bunch of young men can pull off yellow bell bottom pants, long hair with a stash, chaps and/or a hip fanny pack while performing, it is both a musical and visual treat. (Watch here). What is your joy song and 2020 moment?

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Debbie London