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Posted 21 February 2021 at 8:00 am

A Red “Hinged” Messenger

My Sister Brenda, (after 30 years together we are truly sisters rather than sisters-in-law), delivered this sweet token to me late fall. Its a “Lucky Little Cardinal”.

This is very meaningful because she is one of my principal touchstones. She has heard me laugh loudly and cry just as hard at times. Her messages are always ones of compassion and understanding. Considering this cardinal, meant to bring renewal, faith, and good luck, came from her I have no doubt it has special Cardinal Powers.

Cardinal by definition means it holds the greatest powers and is fundamental to its cause. Cardo is Latin for hinge. This is important since many believe cardinals are the hinge between Our world and the Spirit world. The red of the cardinal protects us from harm. Certain cultures view the cardinal as a Truthteller. If you see a cardinal it is thought they are sending truth. This message may be one of encouragement to keep you on the path you are on, affirming you are doing right by yourself. Or the message may be a warning to beware that someone in your circle is not being truthful with you and proceed with caution. This person could be your own self!

How often have we been on a path that we know is not right for us. Take this sighting as an opportunity to examine your path. Some believe that a cardinal is a compass of support. The legend tells that if you see a cardinal speak your message to the East and the cardinal will carry that message on its wings in flight to where it needs to be heard. Modern Western civilization feels that if a cardinal visits you up close, it is a sign that those we love which have passed on are watching over us. These visits assure us that we are not alone, and that our loved ones are in our orbit helping to guide us, watch over us, protect us and keep us going in the right direction on our path.

In our London family that faith is expressed as we exchange symbols and gifts of cardinals frequently. It is often at times of transition, anxiety or joy that visits from cardinals or gifts of cardinals appear. I have looked out to my bird feeder and seen a red cardinal staring right at me, sometimes more than one! Has that happened to you? Makes you feel seen and comforted, doesn’t it? There are no coincidences.

The red of the cardinal is a symbol of renewal. Makes sense since oftentimes the cardinal is seen and stands out so vibrantly against the white of the snowy branches in winter. Reminding us that even in the cold harshness of winter, when everything lies dormant and lifeless, beauty and life do exist. Its sighting reminds us that spring’s renewal is not far off, just another reason for gratitude and hope. To hear the cardinal’s song of renewal please click this link and hear the cardinal’s charming yet graceful melody (click here).

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Deborah London