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Posted 14 February 2021 at 8:00 am

21 Valentine’s Days

I kinda figure myself an expert on Valentine’s Day. Since this Blog is about Positive Perks and not my personal business I haven’t brought up that I own Bloom’s Flower Shop in Albion. Being this is my 21st Valentine’s Day and my last at Bloom’s, I figure it’s OK now. There is a little piece of heaven atop a mountain waiting for us and therefore the shop is for sale.

When you are a florist there are many things that come to mind for Valentine’s Day and it is not “Will I get anything?”. When you are a florist and you and your husband are working your tails off on February 14th, the answer is a hard “No.” What is on your mind is can you mentally and physically succeed without letting anyone down. Never make a commitment that you can’t stand behind is important in life and business.

As a florist it is a huge amount of product to push out the door in a short window of time. Let’s face it, no one wants their gift delivered after Valentine’s Day. We pray for good product, good weather, stamina, and a sense of humor.

One of my cherished Valentine memories was many years ago. Mr. Loren Fleming, a gentleman near 80 years of age came in for his gifts. It was one of the sweetest things to witness for this florist. He gingerly took his time to select just the perfect gifts. For this holiday some of the younger gents are looking for the extravagant, but not Mr. Fleming. He was looking for the most meaningful and heartfelt. He knew who he was buying for and he knew he wanted it to be special, not just shockingly over the top. He picked up every card and thought about the message. He looked over each candy, checked out the plush and admired all the blossoms. We watched him as he slowly spent over an hour pouring his heart into each gift. In the end I do not even recall what he purchased, but how he purchased it. He did it with the joy of the recipient in mind. He knew that giving of his heart was the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. Time and age had taught him that it was not the monetary value of the gift you give your sweetheart, but the heart and thought behind it.

Maybe your Sweetheart loves the grand gesture, that is awesome, too! These special moments during my 21 Valentine’s Days as a florist makes this a real celebration of love, not just a greeting card holiday. Display your heartfelt love this Valentine’s Day in a way that is meaningful. I guarantee your Sweetie will smile and maybe you will even get a smooch and a hug. Mr. Fleming passed away a few years back, but his gentle and loving spirit lingers in our little shop and in all the hearts that have passed through its doors these many years.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone, you will all hold a special place in my heart for your kindness, support and sometimes even patience. XOXO How Sweet It Is To Be Loved  (click here).

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Deborah London