Sunday Morning Positive Perks from your Sassy Small Town Missus

Posted 24 January 2021 at 8:00 am

 Let Me Explain…

I love this sign. It is an awful thing to say isn’t it? But yet for those of us who are vain, it is nonetheless true. Before you slip my Blog into the Cancel Culture recycle bin of life, allow me to explain myself.
Beauty does truly come from within. The beauty we hold within each of us is radiated daily by our actions. We need no spritzes or sparkles for that. It comes from a place deep inside us from what we have learned from life.
Hopefully life has shown you beauty in many ways. Some people are so beautiful within that they need no help on the outside. The kind of help you buy at the makeup counter. Truthfully a little help from Maybelline might just camouflage their true inside beauty.
Unfortunately, I do not have that dilemma. My brother’s running joke is that he can tell when he is at a gathering of my Cusimano/Clark side because there is lipstick on all the glasses. What can I say, it is an Italian thing we love our lipstick. I come by it honestly. Still I told my Aunt Linda that we should not be ashamed of our vanity, because us Clark ladies do harbor the curse of vanity. I explained my theory that there is no shame in taking pride in how we present ourselves to others. Even in appearance.
When forced to close up my shop for 1 month in the spring, I did like many and kicked it daily in my cozies and did not do hair or makeup. Why bother if no one is going to see you but your husband? He has to be accepting because we both share the deed to the house and hopefully he will just accept the “Beauty that lies within.” Hmm. April 20, 2020 my first day back to work after being off a month, I decided to embrace my new normal. I couldn’t kick it in my cozies, but I did not have to do hair or makeup. Or so I thought. I gave it a good try but the reality was that sometimes taking care of yourself means feeling good about how we see ourselves when we look in the mirror. Yep I said it, in the mirror.
My aunt says she just doesn’t look in the mirror anymore. That is an option, but if she did she would see how beautiful she is not just on the inside! After a couple weeks back to work it seemed I just did not have the pep my step required. I tried a bit of blush, mascara and dusted off my flat iron. Most importantly I put my lipstick on.
People have questioned if I am not feeling well when I do not put on my lipstick. I was not blessed with nice plump colorful lips like my Aunt Ann on the Burgoon side, Dang! I need a boost from my Buxom lip color. It’s OK to be a little late sometimes if you need to sparkle yourself up. If it makes you happy to look dolled up a bit, then do it unabashedly. Because if you are happy, it is easier to pass that happiness on and color the world with a special hue and shade of joy. But know this, inner beauty can never be eclipsed by what we paint on the outside.
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Debbie London