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Posted 10 January 2021 at 8:00 am

Hats off to the Hat!

National Hat Day is January 15th. Do you own many hats? I have quite a few.

I like them, buy them, then rarely wear them. Not because I don’t like them. I feel pretty smart in them. But you see if I am keeping it 100%. I just don’t want to mess my hair up! Vanity is real.

The best time for a Hat is when you wake with AM bedhead, simply throw a hat on. The best hats for this situation are the ball caps. Put it on, throw your pony through the back hole and snap the back. If you are of the male persuasion, just put it on.

I like the fedora. My closet has a nice burgundy fedora. It lets one channel Lady Gaga. I put a beautiful brown feather in it. That hat made its way a-top my head to my cousin’s birthday party. Great hat and makes the statement you have arrived and are ready to mingle.

Goodness, my closet has alot of straw hats too. Some feature large rims, some have a southwestern flare and there is even a straw visor. These are perfect for a summer day when we need to protect our delicate skin and eyes from the sun but do not want to end up with a sweaty head of hair.

Then there is the cowboy or western hat. There are a few of those in my closet as well. There is my white Bailey Hat that hangs on a hook, waiting for an occasion up to its standards to re-debut after 30 years. Most certainly there is the standard weaved hat with the little leather band and shiny embellishments that has made its way to a few concerts.

Tucked in the closet is even a crochet cowboy-style hat with a big yellow flower on it. That is my lucky casino hat. I like to wear that to play the slots. It has been known to bring on luck. Lately I have been putting on the knit stocking cap hat, for practical reasons. In my box are snug ones, knit ones with big balls on the top and even one with a visor sewn into it.

Mostly I like my old khaki Tilley hat. This old beauty keeps my head dry, protects my eyes and slides on easily without messing my hair. Whether your hat makes you feel like a star, smart, chill or even lucky, embrace the hat this week to bring some much needed fun and attitude into the world. Dance to the beat of your own drummer – don’t be shy. Let your hat bring you into a world of imagination and break from the mundane everyday life.

I think on January 15th I might wear my white sailor hat. That hat found its way to my head a few summers back in Captiva Island. I was at a Love Boat themed party – remember that fun show from the 70s with Doc Bricker, Isaac, Julie, Gopher, and Capt. Stubing. I am going to keep it on all day and into January 16th because January 16th is National Nothing Day.

Nothing says do nothing like sitting in a chair, day drinking rum punches, imagining being on a tropical island while reading a scandalous novel. So put your hat on and dream big! Dream hard enough, it might even come true. What is your favorite hat?

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Debbie London