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Posted 20 December 2020 at 8:00 am

A Tangled Holiday Inspiration

The Ward Ball. It’s story is about a dash of holiday inspiration given to us by our old neighbor Chuck Ward, some of you may have known him. He gifted us this ball of lights during the holidays but the inspiration given to us by this gentle man started way before the Ball was given to us.

It started in 1993 when we purchased our home on West Park Street, across the road from his. I grew up on this street about 10 houses down the road and lived there for nearly 18 years before going to college.

So my adult self became the recipient of Mr. Ward’s inspiration when we became the owners of our Diamond in the Ruff. Truth be told I was not enthusiastic about purchasing a house on the same street I grew up on, especially a major fix-me-upper. But my husband’s heart was there the moment we looked at it, so I gave in.

We worked tirelessly remodeling and doing our best to make this old house, buried in the bushes and trees, a home. Many times Mr. Ward walked over, just for a moment so as not to interrupt, to say, “You guys are doing a nice job, it’s looking good.” High praise to us and it inspired us to forge on.

During planting season we ripped out bushes and did a major yard overhaul. Mr. Ward came over and offered up sections of flowering plants and bushes that he had in his yard. He was one heck of a gardener and we always admired his yard. So we were grateful for his generosity and gladly accepted. It inspired us to keep going.

He became great pals with my cat, which he gladly let into his home to visit once in a while. A good man to not only the two-legged but the four-legged as well. The holidays were especially fun to watch from across the street as he staked up trees to string lights on and hung lights on his home. It inspired us to make our home special for others as well.

Many a time Santa enlisted the help of my husband to put on the Santa Suit and venture across the street to Ho-Ho it up with Mr. Ward’s grandchildren. But we all knew it was truly Christmas Eve was when Mr. Ward carefully began to line the edge of his sidewalk with paper bags and light a candle in each one. They illuminated the way for his family to come together. It inspired us to do the same. His last Christmas he came to us with a tangled mess of Christmas lights. He thought we could use them. We took one look at that mess of lights and decided we were not up to the task of untangling them and just named it “The Ward Ball”.

Each Christmas we hang that Ball on our porch and it continues to inspire us and remind us of the Magic of the Holiday Season. Mr. Ward passed away many years ago but he taught us about generosity and the power of a kind word or gesture – the truest of holiday gifts and blessing. This holiday give the gift of inspiration and be someone’s Mr. Ward. It truly can make a difference is someone’s life.

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Debbie London